Write an Encrypted Email

In the previous article, we discussed how you can send a clear text email to addresses outside of SCRYPTmail. In this post, we will explain how to convert a plain email into an encrypted one with just a few clicks.


We will skip steps explained in the previous article and go to directly step number 5:

  1. When you check the box to encrypt your email, on the right side, you will see panel 6.
  2. On this panel, you will be able to select the recipient and provide a PIN to encrypt the message. The recipient needs to know this PIN in order to read the email.
  3. The PIN will be automatically stored after the email is sent, and the next email to this recipient will be prepopulated making conversation easy but secure. Note: Draft emails will not store a temporary PIN if its different from the original.
  4. When you finish, click send, and your email will be encrypted with a unique PIN for each recipient.

Note: You may keep same PIN as long as you want, but we also provide an extra option for you if you decide to change your password. You can access a copy of this email inside of your sent folder and retrieve the password used for that email. pin

You can exchange PINs before or after you start conversation and still have a pretty secure way to communicate. Email servers still will be able to access email meta data.

DATA that can be read by servers (sender, recipient):

  • Sender email
  • Recipient email
  • Time email was sent
  • Sender IP address (SCRYPTmail server only)

DATA that is not accessible to servers:

  • IP address of the sender (recipient server and recipient)
  • Subject
  • Email body
  • Attachment

In the next article, we will show how you can send an email between two SCRYPTmail accounts.