Write a Clear Text Email

As you may have noticed with SCRYPTmail, you can send email the 'old fashioned' way.

What this means is that SCRYPTmail will perform as your regular email service (i.e recipients don't have to open any other links and can read emails inside their mailbox). This type of communication is insecure, and everybody along the way will be able to intercept your message and read it. By everyone, we mean our server, the recipient's mail server and potentially anyone who has access to these servers.

Attachments are not included in the email but rather, are provided as a link that the person can download from our server. We store files encrypted on our server, and only the person who has access to the link will be able to download it. We store attachments on our server for 2 weeks, and after that, it will be deleted. Doing things this way, we minimize the chance your email will be rejected since some email services limit attachment size or even file type. With our approach, the chance that your email is delivered is much higher more secure at the same time.


The following points illustrate the various areas on the screenshot above:

  1. Email address of the person you want to send an email to. You can include multiple recipients for the same email separated by a semicolon (;). Each copy will be sent individually as a blind carbon copy (i.e recipients cannot see other email addresses) (Update: Current interface has separate filed to send Blind Carbon Copy). If a recipient has a SCRYPTmail mailbox, don't worry, it will be automatically encrypted for that recipient.
  2. Email subject.
  3. Attachments - you will be able to include up to 5 files maximum summing 15 Mb in total size.
  4. You can write a nice email with the option to make your text bigger and space it for easier reading. During writing, we automatically encrypt and save your email in the draft folder so if you accidentally lose connection or have to run important errands, you may resume it at any time. Note: Attachments are not stored in a draft email so you need to (re)attach files after you resume writing.
  5. After you are all finished, you may click send, and your email will be delivered to the intended recipient.

DATA that can be read by servers (sender, recipient) when sending clear text emails*::

  • Sender email
  • Recipient email
  • Subject
  • Email
  • Attachments
  • Time email was sent
  • Sender IP address (SCRYPTmail server)

DATA that is not accessible to server (recipient server and recipient):

  • IP address of the sender

In the next article, we will explain how to encrypt your email.