Just to provide quick updates for what I'm is up to.

Our poll is going surprisingly well.
Last week most votes were given for email aliases feature, which was promptly delivered.

Meantime I'm still working on database migration from MySQL to mongoDb. I'm expecting to be done by the end of this week and start working on custom domain right after.

It shouldn't take more than 2 weeks to offer custom domain, as everything almost ready for that, it is not much different from email alias, just need to make sure everything works on DNS end.

There are also bugs in the code, which I'm pretty sure all of you have been unlucky to see. We trying our best to eradicate them but it is worth to remind, that despite our feature rich functionality we are still in beta stage and we kindly expecting your bug reports if you see something wrong.

If you may happened to see popup with bug report, please don't hesitate to just drop a few lines, like: this happened when I just login, or when I tried to compose email, etc. We are not expecting anything more than that.

JavaScript is asynchronous language and sometimes error can be caused simply by slow connection. Your report can save us hours, which we can spend on making new feature for you.

Ps. Our editor is no longer with SCRYPTmail, and I'm super bad with grammar. Typos, errors -> sergei@scryptmail.com