Updates, session interruption

Last week, was very abrupt for me, everything started with longer than expected issuing of EV certificate for domain, and ended with my personal and support account being victim of spam attack.
I was receiving thousand of unsolicited emails per day, that overflow my inbox and pause my support. With that said, if you tried to contact me, please try to send email again or send it to (supportme@scryptmail.com), most likely your email get lost in myriad of other spam emails and not because I'm ignoring you.

It's all for the bad news, good news: my service didn't collapse, it also that pointed me to a few improvements I need make, one of them reformat the way I store user emails, now it should be a little faster to load, another improvements should be noticeable if you willing to delete huge amount of emails.
I will roll this update on May 03, 5:00AM (UTC). It wont take longer than a few minutes, but will log you out from system. Please don't panic, and just log back in.

Thank you