Single-Password Authentication

As requested, we rolled out Single-Factor Authentication (SPA). You still can enable Two-Password Authentication in the settings page or disable it if you have an account already.


Two-Password Authentication works in a way that


Disposable Email Addresses

In this post, we talk about creating a disposable email address (DE) and why you may need it. Let's dive in!

See the points below to understand the DE section screenshot above:

  1. Panel to

KeePass on SCRYPTmail

Communicating with users during SCRYPTmail’s early stages, we’ve noticed that many of them are using password managers to store their passwords. In the past, this method was highly insecure and inconvenient.




✔ Client side Encryption (All messages are encrypted using Javascript) Read more
✔ PGP standard for key exchange
✔ Signed Certificate for HTTPS connections
✔ 2-Factor Authentication
✔ ANSI characters for password and Secret Phrase
✔ Ability to reset Password