SCRYPTmail: Encrypted Email Service


SCRYPTmail is a brand new email service which offers you a key benefit known as ‘Client Side Encryption’. In order to give the customer the finest service possible, we follow the best PGP protocol standards for public key exchange. In addition, we have adopted open source JavaScript libraries to make user side encryption for email communication a seamless process.

If PGP standards were more widely adopted, we would constantly be contributing more to it in order to make it more private and secured.

Our servers are located in the United States. At SCRYPTmail, we hold the firm belief that the concepts of privacy and confidentiality simply cannot be outsourced to another country. For example, we cannot outsource our internet connection to ISP’s located in Switzerland, Germany or even Canada and still feel confident in the fact that they can protect our fundamental and constitutional rights.

This concept rings especially true, when the Canadian-based Hushmail services still works with US agencies to grant access rights to their users.
Another famous example of our privacy rights being compromised is when banks based in Switzerland decided to divulge financial account information of American citizens.

In order to provide the highest levels of privacy and confidentiality at SCRYPTmail, we employ the of use AES-256 and Twofish-256 encryption in order to protect your private keys. For example, your secret passphrase never leaves your computer, and the moment your data gets decrypted, it is also destroyed from your Web browser memory.

We also incorporate the use of the session timeout feature which will automatically log you off after 15 minutes of inactivity. This only allows for only one active connection in one Web browser tab at a time for any particular end user. The advantage of this asset is that it minimizes the probability of another unwanted user from secretly opening your E-Mail account on another computer.
With our services, you are able to regenerate both your public and private keys anywhere and anytime you need to do so. As a result, this feature hardens against the possibility of any attack against your private keys. Also, the use of HTTPS connections will make the man-in-the-middle attack even more difficult to accomplish.

Overall, we are constantly improving our service to make it better, faster, and more reliable so you can use SCRYPTmail for your everyday needs.

We look forward to you experiencing the protection of SCRYPTmail, and we encourage your feedback!