Lessons learned or live after major outage

As some of you may have noticed, we've experienced one of our major outages two days ago. We lost nearly a month and a half worth of emails. The problem was an incorrect expiration index for emails that were received.
Considering the size of the project and undertaking that was done by writing this unique service, I'm quite surprised we did not have more problems. It's not an excuse, but a hard-learned lesson.

I started SCRYPTmail a year and a half ago with the thought that so many people need a simple but highly private email service, and I knew it could be done better than existing solutions. Thousands of users and millions of emails prove me right.

However, the path SCRYPTmail took is not an easy road and has many hidden traps. SCRYPTmail is the only service encrypting user's meta data, any existing solutions encrypt part of emails, but leave recipient and sender in clear text available to anyone to read it. Another challenge is finance, when other companies received funds from Venture Capitals, we are 100% self funded and rely solely on what money we have and what we received as donations.

One of our shortcomings was a backup. You would be surprised, but our Database is getting close to 1TB in size. It may not sound like much, when we are used to buying 2-4 TB hard drives in electronic shops, but it is very expensive for servers. Backups are usually quadruple this size. So I was playing with fire and got too relaxed after a year of uninterrupted work.

Thanks to our users, we had some donations coming, so we were able to afford an EV certificate, and as I write we are setting a backup solution in place, so this won't happen again.

I want to thank everyone for supporting us and want to apologize one more time for not providing 100% reliable service yet.