Reset Secret Phrase / Password

Technical details can be found here

As you may notice, SCRYPTmail now has a feature to reset your password or secret phrase!

login page

Without going into too many details, in order to reset either of them, we introduced "The Secret Token" which is a small file that is generated during the registration process:


Or if you already have an account, it can be found in the Profile page under 'Secret Phrase':


This token should be kept in a safe place, since it is the ultimate tool to your account. However, don't be afraid, because even if someone is able to gain access to it, they won't be able to do anything without providing the password or secret phrase.

But anyway, let’s keep going.


This is a form to reset your Secret Phrase, and as you may see, we are asking you to provide your email address, token and password. When you successfully enter all information, it should look like this:

The green field indicates that the information you provided is correct, and you are now ready to enter your new Secret Phrase.

When you click ‘Reset Secret’, it will regenerate all your keys and user data. This is a one-way process, and will overwrite all your existing data. This means all mails and contacts will be lost forever.

However, in case you do need to reset your password, all your information will be still in place. So please understand the difference:

Reset Password = all data intact
Reset Secret Phrase = data lost

Update: If you are using a single password for login and decryption, resetting the password will destroy all your previous data.

This is a never-before-seen type of feature, and despite all the testing done here at SCRYPTmail, there still may be some errors! So for the next 3 days (Nov 26-29), if somehow you will be able to lock yourself in a room, please write us a bug report with your SCRYPTmail address and the time that it happened.

Please include if it was a password or secret phrase. Your user object will be restored to the latest state before the problem. (Time in UTC, please!)

During this period, backup for the database will be performed every 20 minutes so ideally, data loss will be minimal.

Good luck and thank you!