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Previously, we went through pretty detailed guide on How to Write Emails. Hopefully, you learned something new and now can see how SCRYPTmail can enhance and protect your content from strangers. Our explanation would not be complete if we don't explain how SCRYPTmail handles emails you will be receiving and why its different from others.


Above is a screenshot of a sample email received in a SCRYPTmail inbox. Here are a few points to touch on before going into some details:

  1. Email header information
  2. Email body with blocked images or other resources
  3. Control to render images to see original email
  4. Reply or forward email

As you may know, some emails contain links or images from other websites. For example, if you open an email from Twitter or Facebook, most of the time you may see images of people you follow or some other graphics like logos or even invisible tracking images which are included in your email.

When your browser connects to those servers to download those images, it's also sending some metadata (i.e. your IP address, your browser and operating system you are using, location, time you connect, etc.). All of this data is collected if you open email from popular service which claims to offer some sort of privacy protection such as Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail. You may test it yourself at

Not to mention some email providers will not protect from malicious code in such emails, or they may block any graphics whatsoever leaving you with plain unformatted text.

At SCRYPTmail we provide superior protection against XSS attack or identity disclosing. We put you into control rendering your content safe.

Any email initially opened with images and any resources to third server are disabled. By doing so, your browser is never trying to connect to other servers nor inform those servers if you opened the email, what your location is or any other valuable data.

At the same time, we are trying to make emails as close as possible to the original. If you trust the sender or it's critical to see images, you can do so by clicking the appropriate button (3) which will enable images. Remember, we do remove any JavaScript script from email body regardless.

We are constantly working to improve security and the privacy of our users while still ensuring best possible experience.

The Internet is live organism with new technologies evolving every day. It is ongoing battle to keep your email safe, and if you notice any problem or possible weakness, please contact us at

We welcome your feedback!