Price change and Future of SCRYPTmail

I have good news to announce today, we decided to drop our prices a little, by doing that we expect to gain more traction with our users. Now you can have mailbox with 1Gb space, 5 aliases and 1 custom domain for just $1.3/month.

I encourage everyone to sign and use our premium features, as it greatly increase our chances to keep door open for new users for years to come. We are the only one 100% self funded service on the market today with rapidly growing user base, in fact just for the last month we welcomed more than 10,000 new users, if we continue to grow at such rate, we will be forced to close our free plans in order to keep server cost under control.

To avoid such negative outcome we have only two options: a) lower our prices to make our service more attractive and b) look for investors. If you want to become one, please contact us at:

For those who already have paid features, please go to Paid features and refresh your subscription to update your monthly price.