Plan Updates

Last few weeks I was busy working on updating plan options, to make it more friendly and less confusing. Since we introduced flexible plan options, where users were able to select only required features, I've received a lot of feedback from people, that were confused and asked me to come up with more common and comfortable tier plans.

When such changes were long overdue, it is the time to rethink our strategy and focus more on providing premium service instead of trying to compete with free services, that sells ads, profiling your emails or looking for other ways to monetize while providing so-called "free mailbox".

With that said, there are few changes occurred: All new users will have exactly 1 week of trial of our $2 plan, after which they will need to refill balance. Same time, if user don't like our service and choose not to extend their service, account will be deleted and email address available for re-registration after 3 weeks of holding, instead of 6 month for users who registered before May 27, 2017.

All existing users, who had free accounts will be able to use SCRYPTmail free of charge until July 10, 2017, after which it will be converted in trial for another 2 weeks.

All existing paid users, will be able keep their current plans and rates as long as they keep "Custom Plan" in drop down box.

All new users, will be able to choose between basic $2 plan up to $15 Premium (which will give you the best bang for the buck, including 5Gb mailbox, 8196 bit PGP key, 10 aliases and 20 disposable addresses and other good stuff).

I hope this changes will help us to focus more on developing new features and provide unmatched service to our users.

Our upcoming feature will be to give you ability to recover your password without loosing any emails in your inbox, which should give you even more stability and peace of mind.

I would like to thank once again all our loyal customers for staying with us.