PayPal & Bitcoin Are Ready!

I'm very happy to announce, that we finally built our payment system. You can choose between PayPal and Bitcoin to refill your balance. It will stay there without expiration, available for you to select features you want. We are one of the first pioneers who can accept Bitcoin for anonymous and encrypted email service. Giving you the ultimate ability to stay anonymous.

We want to thank you all for staying with us, helping with donations, suggestions and bug hunting. We are slowly but steadily putting SCRYPTmail on the path of success. With your help and support we can concentrate on delivering many more unique features, that no one else can offer.

We've created the most easiest and most flexible way for you to pay, where you can select which features are more important for you and without overselling those, which is unnecessary.

We will appreciate if you sign up for a plan or donate to help us to create the best encrypted email service.

Thank you