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We are facing one of our worst moments.
Due to internal server misconfiguration, we lost all received emails for the last 3 month. It's not affecting incoming, sent, draft or emails that were received


We just get a little more private

We are happy to announce our support for TOR and onion address. If you don't know what is TOR, please read here.

our onion address is: scryptmaildniwm6.onion
You can easy to remember it


Your donations at work

Thank you all, who are helping us to keep our service running. We want to show how we use your donations to make our service better.

From today, when you are using our service


What are your paid plans?

SCRYPTmail does not limit users to a list of features for various paid plans. Instead, we give users the option to pay for the features they need. At this time, these are the features