Black / White List

Note: Black / White rules is applicable only to emails coming from outside of our service, to filter emails sent within SCRYPTmail, please use Email Filter.

"Black / White List" feature is created to compliment our


Updates, session interruption

Last week, was very abrupt for me, everything started with longer than expected issuing of EV certificate for domain, and ended with my personal and support account being victim of spam attack.
I was


Certificate Errors

I would like to apologize to our customers. As you may noticed, our certificate was invalidated for last 15 hours, and some of you, were not able to login into your account due to


It's time to rethink your security

If you think your business is secure from hackers because you hire a local IT company or someone with a security certificate, think again!

Every day you see news about high profile companies being


Smartphone app in the progress

Happy Holidays to everyone.
Today is the day, when I finally able to start working on one of the highest demanded feature for SCRYPTmail. It's a big commitment, and it will require time to