New Features! Full PGP and 2FA Supported


The new version of SCRYPTmail that was released Feb 21, 2016( introduces some new features including the ability to send and receive PGP encrypted emails, and securing your account with popular multi-factor authentication options Google Authenticator and YubiKey.

To enable 2FA on your SCRYPTmail account, select Settings from the menu in the top right of your screen then click on Google Auth / Yubikey on the left side of your settings page:

Another long awaited feature is openPGP support for external email accounts. With our new interface you can send and receive PGP encrypted email to people who don't use SCRYPTmail. If you want to send someone an encrypted email you'll need to add that persons public key in your contact list:

After that, our system will automatically use it the next time you want to send email to that contact.

To verify it's working, you will see a PGP icon close to the send button:

Please remember, that if you decide to send email to multiple people, and some of them don't have a PGP key in your contact list or hosted on third party services, it will automatically downgraded to the lower security clear text or PIN.