KeePass Safebox

For those who are using KeePass, we have a good news! SCRYPTmail now supports online storage for your database files.

Q: What is KeePass?

A: KeePass is an open source Password Manager that has nice features to store your password database files online. It is available on any device and it's free. Nice huh?!

Before we get all excited though, download your version at

Make sure that KeePass has current CA certs.
Linux: mozroots --import --sync

Next, create a local password database.
After you are done, click on File->Save As.
KeePass URL

URL:[MY FILE NAME].kdbx - where [MY FILE NAME] is your personal database file name.

For a username, you have 2 choices:

  • Provide your SRCYPTmail email
  • Provide SHA512 of your SCRYPTmail email Same info applies to the password field. You can mix it as well (i.e provide email as clear text and hash the password).

You can find the SHA512 generator online. Here is an example

KeePass URL fill

Click OK, and your file will be saved in SCRYPTmail storage.
For the sake of security, close your database and try to open again from SCRYPTmail.

Go to File and click Open URL:

Repeat the process as described above.

Click OK and provide your password or secret token. You should now be able to open your vault from online storage.

You may see your existing files at SCRYPTmail in the Profile page.

For our basic accounts, we have limit of 3 files at 5 Mb per account. For those who sign up with us during beta stage, the limit is increased to 5 files.