KeePass on SCRYPTmail

Communicating with users during SCRYPTmail’s early stages, we’ve noticed that many of them are using password managers to store their passwords. In the past, this method was highly insecure and inconvenient.

Over time, the manner in which passwords can be stored has come a long way. Current Password Managers let you use ANSI characters, store password database online and employ other cool features. As a result, we decided to look into something for our own use.

The final choice was KeePass; an open source password manager available for Linux, Windows, and Android. Best of all - it was free!

The one limitation is that you would have to carry database file from device to device, from home to work, and from work to smartphone.

Dropbox was not an option since they can just delete your files by mistake, and you would have to install an extra app on your devices. We are trying to make a private email service here which makes using some storage for KeePass files seem like reasonable choice.

Please see this guide on how to use it here.