The first page you will see after logging in is your Inbox. Obviously, you will start with an empty one, but very shortly, it will look like something similar to this:


Let's go through some of the main features that SCRYPTmail offers:

  1. Your initial view after login. On the left top side, you may see a few icons which will navigate you to settings and back to the Inbox. Also, if you notice some bug or would like to invite your friends to SCRYPTmail, we put this link on the top.
  2. Main folders where you will organize your emails. It is pretty much self-explanatory.
  3. Compose new email.
  4. Custom folders to better organize your emails.
  5. Search by sender name and subject.
  6. Lets you move selected email into other folders. Note: If you move emails into the Spam folder, it will automatically blacklist the sender and move all new future emails received from said sender into the Spam folder.
  7. Blacklist sender and filter all new emails from them into spam folder.
  8. Will move selected emails into trash. Selecting emails in Spam, Draft, or Trash folders will permanently delete it.
  9. List of emails where we display sender, subject, attachments and date.
  10. Session expiration. It's disabled by default, but you can change it in the settings page up to 3 hours. Counter will self rest each time you interact with email, but if inactive, it will lock your account. You may think it's an uncomfortable and very strict measure, but your online banking has it, paypal has it... so why shouldn't an encrypted email service have it? Displaying it makes it much easier to know when you are going to locked out so this service is even better than your online banking account!