Improved Spam Filter

Recent spam attack, uncover not only few limitations, that we used to have with handling user email list, which I addressed with last week update, but also brought it to my attention long awaited feature, that I had in mind for quite some time.

Before we go deep into explanation, let me point one fact about encrypted and private emails services, that we all should have in common: One of the biggest challenges in premium private encrypted emails, is that we can't use regular spam filter services, which is used by other providers even those, who claim to be private. One of the reason: it will make call to third party server providing senders email, subject and body in order to verify if email is not an actual spam.

For obvious reason, we can't choose same path, and just violate our promise, to keep your communication confidential.
Our existing Email Filter is 100% encrypted and invisible to anyone except user itself, it works for fine tuning email delivery, but if your mailbox get under targeted spam attack and thousand of spam emails sent to your mailbox, it may take long time to catch up.

To address this problem, and as our first step to truly custom general spam filter, that won't sent out your data let me introduce: "Black / White List (BW)"

As well, there is a new button located in navigation bar:

It works very similar to existing spam button, but every time you select email or few and press it, it won't create new Email Filter rule and move email into Spam folder, but will create new rule under Black / White List(BW), telling server to drop email from this sender. You can modify those rule to either drop or accept specific email address or even drop whole domain. Existing email instead of going into spam folder, will be moved into Trash.

The biggest difference from Email Filter, is that BW list accessible by server, and it will drop email even before reaching your mailbox, dramatically limiting any possible spam emails going to your address. Here you can read a little more details on how it should operate.

This is our first step, we going to scan your BW list time to time, and extract emails that marked as spam, if we find certain senders present in many BW lists, we will move such email or even domain into our general Spam list, that will block it for all our users.