It's time to rethink your security

If you think your business is secure from hackers because you hire a local IT company or someone with a security certificate, think again!

Every day you see news about high profile companies being breached. Do you think they hire "my buddy Joe" living next door?
All of them hire experts with diplomas, certificates, and perhaps decades of experience, and yet millions of accounts containing personal information are stolen, by people who most of the time haven't finished college.

You may think it's getting better, as companies get new certificates and employ new security standards, but in fact it just gets worse. According to in 2016 alone there were more accounts stolen than 2004 - 2007 combined.

It is time to re-evaluate who you are trusting with your online security!

We are the company who developed SCRYPTmail, a highly secured email service. We are trusted by more than 80,000 users with their private communications. In fact, even hackers are choosing us as an email service.
Our code is available online, so that anyone can read it and examine it for backdoors, and so far, no breaches have been discovered.

We provide various services to make sure your website or online business is secured -- and stays that way.

We can evaluate your existing infrastructure, identify possible vectors of attack, build a website or network from the ground up, and make sure it has the same level of protection as our own service.

These are just a few things we can help you with:

  • Data Encryption analysis (in motion/at rest)
  • Linux Server deployment/management (Ubuntu/CentOS)
  • HA online services (deployment/management)
  • Cloud Hosting
  • Website building, code audition (PHP, JavaScript)
  • Existing solution evaluation
  • Man in the Middle attack evaluation
  • Attack vector evaluation
  • Work with your budget to develop best solution

If you feel strongly about keeping your business or site secured, contact us today... because tomorrow may be too late: