We just rolled out our new updates!

When you login into your account, you may see a popup dialog box that will inform about the account updates. You can read a more detailed report.

However, we want to go through some stuff that has a direct impact for our users:
A single RSA keypair improves user experience and brings our project little closer to PGP standard. It gives us the option to add features to receive and reply to emails, or send with enigmail or mailvelope.

Each disposable email has its own RSA keypair which will improve identity protection.
As a result of the update, we can work faster, and allow our users to use more disposable emails, add more custom folders, and use a 2048bit RSA key as a default key.

Your feedback helps us to improve our service for you. We love hearing from you either via Twitter or email (support@scryptmail.com).

As always, thank you all for using SCRYPTmail!