Disposable Email Addresses

In this post, we talk about creating a disposable email address (DE) and why you may need it. Let's dive in!

See the points below to understand the DE section screenshot above:

  1. Panel to manage your DE.
  2. Generate a random DE. Basic accounts are limited by 3 disposable emails at any given time. They don't have an expiration date and stay as long as you need them.
  3. List of DE belonging to your account. Each DE is 27 characters long and consists of lowercase Latin letters and numbers. We do not include any special characters to improve usability since some services may still use outdated email verification systems.

Q: So why might you need an disposable email address?
A: The most obvious reason would be to protect you from spam. If you going to a website and are not sure if it's a legitimate service but need to provide contact information, you can click to generate a new DE and provide it to this questionable website. If later on you have a hard time to deleting your account there or they are sending you a lot of spam, you don't have to change email or fight with unsubscribe button (which does not work most of the time anyway). You just simply have to delete this DE from your management panel. Easy!

There are so many scenarios where you can benefit from having few temporary email addresses if you wanting to stay anonymous. SCRYPTmail gives you a great way to stay confidential as well. At the moment you click delete, we remove any reference to this email from our system.