Creating an Account

SCRYPTmail was created with privacy in mind. Recent NSA and SONY scandals uncover a huge problem with current email services. To give you better protection for your email communication, we designed our service. In order to use it, you need to create an account. Before proceeding, you may see a warning message if your browser is not supported.

You also may see a list of supported browsers. It's very important that you have a modern browser to protect your account from backdoor entries and other vulnerabilities.


You will need to provide us the following information:

  • your desired email address that you will be using in our system
  • password that will be the first level of authentication and stored on our server
  • secret phrase that will be used to encrypt your personal information and play a key part to protecting your online communication (it's never sent to the server and is destroyed even from your browser - you can read about it to get a sense of why its matters)
  • agree with terms and conditions as this is required to use our service When you click register, it may take up to a minute to create your profile. We are offering superior protection for your private keys. We encrypt them with AES256 and the result is encrypted with Twofish which equals of 512 bit encryption.

When its done, you will be asked to download and save your special token. It's very important for you to save it as it will be only way for you to recover your password or secret phrase in case you forgot it. We do not send a recover link to third emails or phones as it's insecure and may be used by hackers to steal your account.