Black / White List

Note: Black / White rules is applicable only to emails coming from outside of our service, to filter emails sent within SCRYPTmail, please use Email Filter.

"Black / White List" feature is created to compliment our existing Email Filter.

The biggest difference between Email filter, that BW list accessible to our server, and server may drop nasty spam emails even before reaching your mailbox.

There are few ways you can configure it: via Settings Panel or pressing Red Square button located in your navigation bar:

  • when you select email and press Red Square, it will move selected email into Trash folder, and create BW rule for you
  • you can create or modify BW rule in Settings Panel under "Black / White List" tab.

Each BW rule consist of few options, you may either specify exact email address to drop or accept; or specify whole domain.

Note. "Email match" always has the top priority over domain. i.e if you decide drop any emails coming from "", but second rule will be to accept email from, any email except specified sender will be dropped.

If you are want to protect your mailbox from spam at all costs, I would suggest set first rule as follow:
It will tell server to drop any incoming email.
Second rule would be to allow only emails you are willing to receive, i'e you have friends who use gmail account, than you can create second rule:
With this scenario, only your friends email will be accepted and able to reach your inbox.

Another scenario: if you decide to sign for a new service, that should send you confirmation email, and you are not sure which email address it will be coming from.
In this case, you can temporary update the first rule with an "asterisk", from Drop to Accept. And switch back to Drop when you receive confirmation email.
I hope this little feature will prove it usefulness to you.