It was more than a month since I last time write in our blog. But don't be mistaken by our silence, as encryption working behind the scene to protect your communication, we are working hard to make cool things happen.

First of all, we started kickstarter campaign. It takes good effort to think and write compelling pitch, so if you are enjoying scryptmail and would like to help us, please feel free to donate.
Reason to launch campaign is that our database getting closer to gigabyte in size and we've decided to lock down registration, so our server can perform optimally for existing users. To sweeten a deal we've decided to offer unique account type, which won't be available in the future.

Second, but even better news is that SoftLayer.com have an excellent program called Catalyst, which is helping startups with hosting solution and we were accepted. I'm very excited about that, because we will have some really cool dedicated servers instead of VPS we use to have.

Side effect of our relocation, is that we can reopen our registration again much earlier than we expected without waiting for kickstarter. New platform will allow us to scale horizontally with less possible effort in this area. Eliminating resources cap, means I can spent some time in developing custom domain feature, I expect to be done as early as beginning of May. We not going to deliver enterprise solution at once, but you will be able to create an alias with your domain, same way as disposable address.

Feel free to drop me a line at sergei@scryptmail.com for quick reply or simply submit a comment.