Almost a year

That's right! We have had the pleasure of serving you for almost a year. In two weeks it will be the one year anniversary with virtually zero downtime including updates and zero lost emails. I want to thank everyone who stayed with us, gave us recommendations, offered help, and even those who critiqued, which made us even better. It was a truly amazing time, that we were able to learn new things and bring ideas to fruition. As a sign of appreciation, we decided to extend our Trick or Treat giveaway until Nov 18, 2015 so more people can enjoy our service and learn what excellent features we have to offer. In the last two months, we were pleased to welcome our new users from Lavaboom and and hope it will become their new home for years to come. I also want to touch on a few things due to a recent attack on Protonmail and assure our users, that an attack on our servers has a very low risk. We are hosting in an enterprise level Data Center, provided by SoftLayer. Our team is working very hard to keep data secured and available for our users. However, we can not guarantee 100% protection from similar attacks at the moment due to our size and financial situation. With help from our users who generously donate, we will invest this money to make our infrastructure strong and resilient as we grow. We are also excited for our upcoming huge release, with a completely redesigned mailbox and improved speed. Thanks again for being our awesome users, we are here because of you.