Adding Custom Domain

Custom Domain features available for users having an advanced account.
On the settings page you will see new tab on the left panel:
Custom Domain Tab

  1. Clicking on plus will bring popup where you can type your domain.
    Adding Domain
    At this moment you may wonder what is verification String. To explain that let's go to your DNS server, where we will need to add few records.

  2. First of all we need to add MX record:
    custom.scryptmail.comMX record
    Adding this record will let other email providers know we are accepting emails for this domain.

  3. Next step is to add a few TXT records to proof we are authorized to send email for your domain and emails you would be sending will pass spam check. It's done by adding:
    SPF record:v=spf1 ~allSPF record
    and by having Digital signature:
    v=DKIM1; k=rsa; p=MIGfMA0GCSqGSIb3DQEBAQUAA4GNADCBiQKBgQDTNXD2KoQUiAmAJcp05gt0dStpoiXf0xDsD6T4M/THCT461Ata4EyuYQhJHSbZ6IDvMMrkZymLYdhbgsue6YWX44UVoX1LSYKt64HaMG+H9TrEbksH6UpbYcCDKGc7cUYolrwwmUh4fxnC3x5REbpCT7FhsHj5I3D1wmid+Yj25wIDAQAB; DKIM record

  4. After we need to create last record to validate you are the owner for this domain:
    scryptmail=[Verification String from first step]Verification record

On the left you can see number 300, this is DNS ttl. This mean, record you just added may not be available for the next 5 minutes, you may have different timeout, but it may take some time to get updated.

When you finish with adding records, lets get back to SCRYPTmail settings and try to click the Add button:
Adding Domain

When you press Add system will verify your DNS records and if everything correct you will see:
Domain Added

If you got an error, and unable to add domain, please wait for your DNS to propagate changes. You may visit settings page later, verification string would be the same, so no need to worry for updating your records.

After that process you will see new domain for your email aliases:
New Alias Available

For the moment only owner of the domain able to register aliases, soon we will add option to control users for your domain.